Results View/Download/API

You can review the results from any survey by going to that survey's homepage and selecting RESULTS from the upper right.

Note: Editing or Archiving a submission or Viewing private data will be restricted based on a users administrative rights


Results has many features that allow you to view, explore and edit the data:
- Basic Filters to filter the data.
- Download the data. You can also use these URLs to access the data from other services via API. - Actions to edit or archive submissions.
- Choose to view active data or only Archived data.
- View or Hide Metadata for the submissions.
- Select individual submissions for ACTIONS.
- Use Page Size to choose how many submissions to view per page.


Download results / Access from another service

  • Results can be downloaded as a csv or as a json file. You can also choose to dowload all of the data or just a subset of the data based on filters or just downloading the active page.
  • After choosing your download settings, select DOWNLOAD.
  • matrix question types have a complex results structure that doesn't easily map to a spreadsheet. They are essentially a table within a single cell. As a result, when downloading as a CSV you can download or access them in two forms:
  • Sub rows - Each matrix question type will generate subrows in the csv. This can make the data more easily visible, but means that the table is not 1 row = 1 submission.
    • to use --> results page link + '&expandAllMatrices=true'
    • example:
  • JSON Object - Each matrix question type will have all the results stored in a single cell in a JSON array of objects. This is a simple structure where each entry in the matrix question is an object in the array. This maintains the 1 row = 1 submission structure, but the matrix data is less human readable.
    • to use --> results page link WITHOUT '&expandAllMatrices=true'
    • example:

Edit submissions

  1. Select the submission that you want to edit.
  2. Once a submission is checked, an ACTIONS bar will appear. Select RESUBMIT...
  3. Choose the reason for re-submiting the submission.
  4. Select EDIT ANYWAY
  5. This will open the Survey outline, navigate to the questions you need to edit, after completing your edits, SUBMIT the survey.


Archive submissions

Data is never deleted from the SurveyStack platform. However, there may be reasons why you want to remove data from your active dataset. You can do this by archiving a submission. In order to be transparent, you will be asked to provide a reason for archiving the submission.

  1. Select the submission that you want to archive.
  2. Once a submission is checked, an ACTIONS bar will appear, select ARCHIVE
  3. Choose the reason for archiving the submission.
  4. Select ARCHIVE


Archived submissions can be restored to the active dataset by:
1. Checking View archived only.
2. Selecting the submission that you want to restore.
3. Selecting RESTORE.


Filter results

  1. Choose the Field that you want to filter by (column header).
  2. Decide which filters you want to use. Options include
    • equals
    • greater than
    • less than
    • greater than or equal
    • less than or equal
  3. Enter the value for filtering that field.