Welcome to Surveystack

SurveyStack is a flexible Progressive Web App that allows you to create surveys and scripts, manage communities, and collect and analyze data all in a single location.

SurveyStack is cross-platform, meaning that it works on computers and mobile devices, android and iPhone.

Term Definition
Submission Once you start filling out a survey, you have created a submission
Group A group of users that are using a common set of surveys
Script Javascript code that either runs an instrument
or calculates results from data in a survey or other data available on the web
Dashboard Data visualization tool for survey results

Click the help button (question mark icon) at the top right of your surveystack screen at any point to return to this documentation.

It is highly recommeded to look at the best practices page before creating your own survey, but if you want to see surveystack in action before you start building your own survey, check out some of our demo surveys below:

Hylo Onboarding Demo: https://app.surveystack.io/surveys/643416c728e1190001ba919c
Farm Management Demo: https://app.surveystack.io/surveys/63f671b968d5b80001a10794

Feel free to click 'start survey' and walk through as a user and enter test data. It is also ok to submit test data, these results are not pushed to any other site or used for analysis.