Request Stratification

Stratification is a paid service of SoilStack. To get started, contact

Stratify Fields

Stratification is currently completed using a semi-manual process:

  1. Contact to get started.
  2. A SoilStack staff member will work with you to create stratification settings that match your project needs.
  3. A summary of stratification settings is available here
  4. When fields are ready to be stratified, send a list of fields to be stratified to Stratification will be complete within 2-3 business days and you will receive a notification upon completion.
  5. In short our stratification process involves:
    • The SoilStack webservice automatically fetches and clips ancillary data layers to the field boundary.
    • A k-means clustering algorithm creates strata based on the variability of the ancillary data layers.
    • Using cLHS, the stratification service uses in-stratum variability of the same ancillary data layers to optimize sampling locations.
  6. A more detailed description of the process is available here

Development of Automated Stratification Process

Our goal is to develop a push-button stratification solution that project administrators can access directly in SoilStack. To do that, we are gradually rolling out stratification features and using revenue generated from turnkey stratification services to fund platform development.

Platform costs


  • Cost: $15 /field
  • Description: Stratification uses an automated stratification web service. Requests to the web service are made by Our Sci staff, using your preffered settings.
  • Return Time: 1-2 business days
  • Custom stratification: Stratification projects that use settings that are not supported by the webservice are available. Contact for more information.
  • Bulk disaounts are available.

Sampling support only

  • Cost: $4 /field
  • Load sampling points into SoilStack and use the in-field navigation tools to arrive at sampling locations and collect sampling metadata.