Managing Groups and Users

What is a Group? A Group is a set of users (people or institutions) who are collaborating. Permission to access fields is based on the location that a field is assigned to. All users in a group currently have the same access to edit fields and complete sampling collections.

Create a Group

  1. Open the left-side menu and select Groups
  2. Select ADD GROUP
  3. Enter the group name and select ADD GROUP

Create Group


A subgroup is basically a group within a group. It can help with organization and allow group admins to restrict access to fields by placing fields in different subgroups. For example, if a project involves two soil sampling companies, a group admin can create a subgroup for each company and assign the appropriate fields to each subgroup.

Members are added to a subgroup in the same way as to a group. Additionally, if you are a member of a parent group you will automatically be a member of any subgroups that are created under that parent group. However, each subgroup can have its own members that are not members of the parent group.

Create a subgroup

  1. Navigate to the groups landing page
  2. Select ADD SUBGROUP
  3. Enter the group name and select ADD GROUP

Add subgoupr

Add Members to Groups and Subgroups

  1. Select your group from the “Groups” menu. If adding a member to a subgroup, select the Subgroup from the Group Landing page.
  2. Select ADD MEMBER
  3. Enter the users email address and select ADD MEMBER

Note*: To Remove members, select the trash icon next their email in the members list and then select REMOVE* from the pop-up.

Add Member