Get Started in the App

Fields (Landing) Page

The Fields page is the primary landing page for the app and will display all of the fields that you have access to. You can use the search and filter functions to find fields.

Note: It may take up to a minute for all of your fields to load.

landing page.jpg

Searching for Fields

You can use the search, filter, and map features to find fields based on name, status, group or location.


Filter fields

Select from map


Search and filter

Export Field Information

Export a csv of field information based on the settings in the Fields List

  • Select the menu in the upper right of the page (3 vertical dots)
  • Select Export csv
  • The csv download will include:
    • Field name
    • Producer name
    • Group
    • Status
    • Field centroid lat/long
    • Contact phone number
    • Contact Email


Field Information Page

The field information page provides information about the producer, location and stratification and sampling collection history. From this page you can:

  • Edit field and producer information
  • Get directions to the field
  • Get directions to the producers address
  • Start or continue sampling collections
  • View and edit completed sampling collections

Field Information Page

The hamburger menu in the top left corner will allow you to access different parts of the app. Menu options

  • Fields: View, search and filter fields that you have access to

  • Add Field: Draw new fields directly in SoilStack, more information available here

  • Sampling Collections: View in-progress and completed sampling collections. More information availabe here

  • Groups: Manage users and group/subgroup access from this page. See Manage Groups and Users for more details.

  • Admin: Manage access to fields from this page Admin

  • Settings: Select units and choose to show or hide location numbers on the map Settings

  • SoilStack help: link to help documentation


Select the Profile icon in the upper right corner of the app

Change password

Select Change Password, enter your new password, and select CHANGE PASSWORD.

Change Password

API Keys

API keys allow programmatic access to your account. To create one, select Create Key, then enter a label to remember your api key by and select Generate Key. Your generated API key will be shown to you only once. Save it securely and then select I have saved my API key.

To use your API key, include it in an HTTP Authorization header when making requests to the SoilStack API (ex. Authorization: apikey your-api-key-here). Full API documentation can be found here.