Before Sampling

Soilstack Terminology

Term Definition
Sampling collection Collecting soil samples from all the sampling locations for the entire field.
Sampling location Every location in that field where you put the soil probe in the ground.
Sampling Collecting all of the soil samples from that sampling location
(could be 1 or more samples).
Sample individual soil sample (ex: if you are collecting multiple depth
increments at a sampling location each depth increment is a sample)

Checklist Before Heading to Field

  • Accept the “SoilStack Invitation”
  • “Install” the app to the Homescreen.
  • QR codes generated and printed
    • QR Codes do not need to be producer specific or link to specific locations in the field. They only need to be unique within the project.
    • If you are collecting regular soil cores and separate bulk density cores, you can create a separate set of QR codes with a ‘bd’ prefix or suffix to distinguish between the sample types.
  • Set field to “offline” if you anticipate poor connectivity (see below)
  • Watch the SoilStack Demo (below)

In Field Demo

This video demonstrates collecting soil samples in the field using the SoilStack app

Improving Offline Functionality

  • If you anticipate not having internet access in the field, you can improve the apps performance by selecting “offline” in advance.
    • You must be connected to the internet when you switch to offline
    • This will download the base layers so you can navigate better in the field
    • The app will still function offline, even if the "offline" toggle is off, but the map layers may not be visible

Toggle offline