Add Field

Using the API

Post fields directly to your SoilStack group using our API.

  1. Create API Key
  2. Select Create Key
  3. Enter a label to remember your api key by
  4. Select Generate Key. Your generated API key will be shown to you only once.
  5. Save it securely and then select I have saved my API key.
  6. To use your API key to post fields:
  7. Include it in an HTTP Authorization header when making requests to the SoilStack API (ex. Authorization: apikey your-api-key-here).
  8. Full API documentation can be found here.


Draw Fields in SoilStack

The field drawing tool can be reached at It is best to use this tool on a computer

Select from menu

When you are drawing the field, you can navigate to the general area by putting in the address in the upper right corner search bar. Then start with + Boundary and draw the outline of the field. If you need to include another polygon, you can click the + Boundary again after you have accepted the original boundary to draw a second polygon. If you need to remove an internal portion of the field, you can use the + Cutout button and draw out the area you wish to exclude from the field, similar to how you drew the first boundary.

Draw field boundary

Add in details about your field. The only required fields on the form are "Name" and "Group". The "Group" option will be based on the groups you are a member of, and other admins of that group will have access to the new field. Including “Producer Name” will allow you to sort the fields by that name in the app when you are sampling. Including “Address” and “Contact” it will allow you to navigate to the farm address and make a call to the producer in the app.

Enter field details

Enter field details 2

Review the before submitting.

Review field

Edit Fields

Edit field metadata

Select the pencil icon next to the field name from the Field Information Page. Make sure to select “SAVE” after editing the information.

Edit Fields

Edit Field Boundaries

NOTE: Field Boundaries can only be edited in the following situations:

  • The field was drawn in SoilStack and NOT posted via the API AND
  • The field has not yet been stratified.

To edit a field boundary, select the pencil icon next to the Area on the Field Information Page. Then you can use the field drawing tools to modify the boundaries, or delete a boundary and start over.

Edit boundary