Welcome to SoilStack

SoilStack is an open source app designed to support smart agricultural and environmental sampling, capturing patterns of spatial variability and guiding users through in-field collection in a transparent, replicable, and user-friendly way.

Quick Start Guide

For Project Managers

  • Create an account and a group. Access to fields is based on group and subgroup membership.
  • Add fields. Polygons can be drawn directly in SoilStack, but most projects use the SoilStack API to post fields to their SoilStack group.
  • Stratify fields. Stratification is currently completed using a semi-manual process as follows:
    • Contact info@soilstack.io to get started.
      • A SoilStack staff member will work with you to create the stratification settings that match your project needs.
      • A summary of stratification settings is available here
    • When fields are ready to be stratified, send a list of fields to be stratified to info@soilstack.io. Stratification will be complete in 2-3 business days and you will receive a notification once the fields are complete.
  • Add soil samplers to your group.

For Soil Samplers