Getting Started with Our Sci Instruments

Our Sci Instruments

  • Reflectometer (also known as the Bionutrient Meter)
  • SAVR Kit (Soil Assessment via Respiration)

Using Our Sci Instruments

Our Sci instruments connect to the SurveyStack platform via an integration with the SurveyStack Kit app.

SurveyStack is a flexible, open-source survey software designed to empower shared community knowledge. SurveyStack allows users to develop and deploy custom scripts within surveys. This provides a unique opportunity for users to both run sensors within surveys and to use the output of those measurements in other scripts. For example, users can deploy a model to predict soil carbon in SurveyStack that combines soil reflectance spectra output by the Reflectometer together with other survey data (soil type, slope, etc) to generate real-time estimates.

SurveyStack kit is a native android app, which manages the Bluetooth connection between instruments and SurveyStack. SurveyStack kit runs the measurements and pushes the results into SurveyStack, where they are accessible by other scripts within the same survey and get submitted to the SurveyStack database.

The SurveyStack kit app only works on android devices (phones or tablets).

Setting up your android device

Try it out

Use the Reflectometer Training Survey to walk through the process of pairing your device, connecting it to the app and taking a measurement.

For more help, check out these pages:

Need Help?

Reach out to for support over email, post your questions on the the Our Sci forum, or schedule a meeting at a time that works for you.

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