Connect a Device

Important Note: Reflectometers can only connect to Android devices!

The easiest way to connect a device is simply to follow the video tutorial below. While this video primarily walks through the calibration process (detailed on the Calibrate Your Device page), minutes 2-5 of this video walk through pairing your device. Look to this tutorial for more information on how scans work with SurveyStack Kit.

This is video 4 of 5 in the Getting Started tutorial series. The first 5 minutes of the video show how to pair a device, while the later portions walk through device calibration.

Turn on the Reflectometer

  • The device must be turned on before it can connect to the SurveyStack Kit Android app
  • Press and hold the Power button for ~3 seconds
  • The green or blue Power indicator light will come on if the device is on
  • The device will automatically turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity


Pairing an instrument

The first time you connect your Reflectometer (or other Our Sci compatible instrument) to SurveyStack Kit, you will need to Pair your device.

  1. Once you reach a point in a survey that requires running a measurement, you will need to pair your device in SurveyStack Kit. You can do this two ways:
    • By clicking on DEVICE in the bottom right corner of the menu bar in SurveyStack Kit.
    • By selecting the button labelled CONNECT TO DEVICE in the center of the screen.
  2. Select START SEARCH in the top right corner.
  3. Once your Reflectometer appears in the list (the Device ID in the list will match the Device ID on your meter's lanyard), select PAIR.
    • Note that when pairing with Bluetooth, the device name that you're looking for is likely similar but may not exactly match the ID# on your device's wrist strap. For example, a Device ID written as "02:5f" on the wrist strap may show up as "25f".
    • Bluetooth IDs will generally match exactly as written on the wrist strap, with the format "##:##".
  4. A Pairing Device dialog box will pop up, select START PAIRING.

    Note: For some phones, the Pairing Device pop up will appear in the phones Notifications as a Pairing Request. If the Pairing Device dialog box does not appear automatically, swipe down for the phone's notifications and tap on the Pairing Request.

  5. You will need to enter a code to pair with your device. The code for all devices is 1234

  6. Once the app is paired to the device, it will show up as CONNECTED to XX.
  7. Select RUN in the bottom left corner of the menu bar to return to the measurement. Or return to your SurveyStack form to select a measurement to run.

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Connecting to an already paired device

You can connect to your device by:

  1. Once you reach a point in the survey that requires running a measurement, select the button labelled CONNECT TO DEVICE

    • If it works properly, the device will connect and the button will switch to RUN MEASUREMENT.
    • If it does not work properly, make sure the the Reflectometer is turned on and try again.
    • If it still does not work, go to DEVICE in the bottom right and click START SEARCH as if you're pairing a device for the first time.
  2. Click on the DEVICE label in the bottom menu bar to navigate to the DEVICE LIST.

    • The app will remember the last device that was connected. If you do not see your device, select START SEARCH.
    • The device list will help you identify if you need to DISCONNECT from another device or if you need to PAIR with the device before connecting.